What You Can Expect In Baby Swimming Lessons

FEB 25 2020

A woman in the swimming pool with her baby in her arms.

Wondering how to teach a baby to swim? This task is probably one which is best left to the experts! Baby swimming lessons are likely to be one of the many activities on your new or soon-to-be parents to do list. There’s a lot of talk going around young parents social circles about why getting your little one in the pool sooner rather than later is a bright idea.

Giving your infant the chance to develop baby swimming skills will help provide them with a solid start in the physical, social and cognitive development for a range of reasons, but you might understandably be asking yourself “what actually happens in baby swimming lessons?”. So here’s a quick breakdown of what you can expect when you take your little one to our swim classes for babies.

Fully Flexible Swim Classes For Babies

Kingswim’s Baby Play Lessons were created by expert swimming coaches to be one of the most warm, professional and encouraging environments for baby swimming lessons nationwide.

Open to infants from 12 weeks old up to 6 months, Baby Play is headed up by -experienced and nationally qualified swimming coaches. So your coach will be extremely competent and friendly, and each one has been specifically trained to understand how babies develop in the water.

As well as being used to helping and guiding babies (and parents!) of all different personality types, they always strike the perfect balance between reassuring and extending your little one. . 

And, of course, they make every class seriously fun-filled and full of play. So everyone will be full of smiles!

Our coaches will get you and your little one 100% comfortable in the pool before taking any of the next steps, and every baby is encouraged to progress at the unique pace comfortable for them.

At Kingswim we know that taking your tot to swim classes can be daunting. We also know that looking after a little one brings up a lot of challenges, often unexpected ones at unexpected times!

For this reason all of our Baby Play swim classes here at Kingswim are fully flexible. This means there’s no stress at all if you arrive a little later, or need to shoot off with your little one before the end of class. 

We’re all about providing a warm, relaxing and inclusive environment for your tot to learn in. We keep our pools at a temperature of 32-33 degrees, just right to keep babies and small children warm, and we recommend babies of 3 to 6 months spend no longer than 30 minutes at a time in the water.

The Basics: Baby Swimming Skills

In our Foundation Program, your little one will get comfortable in the water in a 100% safe and warm environment. We have Baby Whisperers on hand at all times to guide you.

At Kingswim we aim for our classes to be the first step to a lifetime of you enjoying the water together, and we’re sure you’ll be amazed at how quickly your tot builds up their comfort, confidence and baby swimming skills.

They’ll get practice extending and movement their tiny arms and legs, which is excellent for muscle development, as well as boosting their coordination and balance.

The tots also get the chance to start being around other babies and little ones and experience a new social situation, which will develop their budding confidence.

As for the practicalities, everything is taken care of. All of our programs take place at first class pools with warm changing rooms and baby changing rooms for your comfort – all year round. To find out more about what you’ll need to bring and hear what other parents are saying, take a look at our dedicated Foundation Program page.

We also warmly welcome Mums’ Group and Play Groups, and adjust classes according to numbers to make sure groups are always a comfortable size.

With swim schools in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and more – Kingswim offer high quality, reputable baby swimming classes to infants across the country. If you’re interested in taking your little one to our swim classes for babies, get in touch with our team today!

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