Aquacise Program

At Kingswim, we’re passionate about teaching children how to learn to swim. We’ve been doing it a really long time, and we’re experts at it. While this is our main focus, we also offer a variety of other programs at selected locations.

Currently, these include:

  • Adults learn to swim
  • Aquacise
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Member Swim


Aquacise (exercise done in water) is a safe, low impact activity for all fitness levels and abilities.

Many people can benefit from Aquacise, including pregnant women, the elderly, people recovering from an injury, or those who are new to exercise.

Here’s why:

  • It provides buoyancy and support for the body
  • It is a low impact workout, which has a massaging effect on your muscles
  • It burns calories at a higher rate than when exercising on land
  • It works muscles that aren’t commonly used when on land, giving a comprehensive workout
  • It helps to maintain a healthy bone density

Aquacise is held in a fun and energetic group environment, with great music and routines.

We offer casual, 10 visit and 20 visit Aquacise passes.

Aquacise is offered at the following Kingswim locations: