Our Story

Dedicated swim schools made for families.

Kingswim Mission:

At Kingswim people matter to us. In every interaction, every smile, every helping hand, we’re building strong individuals who are never out of their depth, in swimming and in life.

Who Are We

Kingswim is an organisation that is passionate about teaching children to swim. We believe in the potential of all children and in our ability to impact positively on their growth and development as swimmers and as young people.

What We Do

At Kingswim we help children to learn the essential life skill of swimming. Through swimming we help unlock the cognitive, physical and social development of children but we never lose sight of what we do – teach children to swim.

We also support our local communities by running a free water safety program at early learning centres and kindergartens. The program is designed to develop water safety awareness, safe swimming behaviour and help prevent drownings.

Why We Do It

At Kingswim we are driven by our passion and commitment to see every child learn to swim. By doing so we help to make young people safe and confident around water and provide them with the skills to experience a fuller, richer life.
This is our Kingswim identity. It is what drives us to deliver lessons every day, to connect with local families, and to grow as an organisation. The information in this Induction is designed to help our teams better understand what sits behind the program and what drives its success. It is presented to enable you to fulfil your role in our team better by understanding our philosophies and goals.

Our swim school provides:

  • Personal attention, both for swim students and the families
  • A welcoming and inviting atmosphere
  • Quality lessons and swim teachers, where progress is visible and well communicated
  • Great communication from program staff (supervisors) and the centre
  • Channel of choice regarding service elements