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Water safety for kids

Water safety at pools, beaches, lakes and rivers is a vital life skill for everyone, especially young children. Sadly, toddlers and children under five are most at risk of drowning – because of their size, attraction to water and limited understanding of the dangers. That’s why learning about water safety for kids is key to keeping them safe in and around water.

Kingswim is here to help with water safety tips for parents and water safety activities for kids. Sing along with Kingsley the Platypus, learn five important water safety rules, listen to story time and take part in our fun challenges. Together you can have fun, swim, survive and thrive around water. Be a water safety superhero just like Kingsley!

Sing the water safety song

Spending time at the pool and the beach is lots of fun, but it’s important to remember how to help keep yourself and others safe.

This catchy song will teach you the water safety rules in no time, including how to save someone in difficulty and how to protect yourself.

So go on – put on your dancing flippers and sing the water safety rules with Kingsley the Platypus!

Sing along on streaming services

It’s amazing how little ones learn the words to Kingsley’s water safety song after a few listens! We’ve made the song available on all major streaming services so you can listen to the five water safety rules wherever you are.

Listen to the water safety story

It’s story time with Anne and Kingsley the Platypus. Get comfy as Anne and Kingsley share five important swimming and water safety rules:

1. Be sun smart
2. Never swim alone
3. Check for dangers
4. Call for help and act quickly if someone is in trouble
5. Remember to shut the gate

Plus, see if you can spot the water safety dangers at the end of the story! This is a great way to introduce water safety to kids.

Water safety quiz banner heading artwork with Kingsley the Playtpus waving

Test your water safety knowledge

Do you know how to stay safe at the beach? Or how to help someone in trouble? Test your knowledge with our interactive water safety quiz. There are six questions. Can you get 100%? Complete the quiz to reveal the answers.

Free children’s story book

Hi, I’m Kingsley the Platypus and I want to share my water safety tips with you! Download a PDF copy of my water safety story to read at home with your family. Memorise the five important water safety rules and tell your friends and grown-ups what you know!

Colour in Kingsley

Bring the water safety message to life with our printable colouring in sheet. Do you know what Kingsley’s holding in the picture? It’s a rescue buoy! Lifeguards use it to help people in the water. It’s usually red, but you can get as creative as you like.

Keeping kids safe and preventing drowning: resources for parents

Drowning is one of the top three causes of death for children under 14 years of age in Australia. It can occur quickly (in as little as 20 seconds) and even in very shallow water. Toddlers and children under five are especially at risk because they are small, inquisitive about water and have limited understanding of the dangers.

That’s why parents have a vital role to play when it comes to water safety. It’s important to always actively supervise your child, restrict access to pools and understand water safety rules so that you can educate your child about water safety awareness. It’s also useful to know CPR and have first aid knowledge.

These videos are here to help. Featuring tips from lifeguards and the Kingswim team, we show you how to help your child stay safer in and around water.

Beach safety tips

We all love being at the beach, especially during the summer. With the crashing waves, sand between our toes and sun shining above us – it’s great fun!

However, there are some risks we need to know about. Many drowning deaths sadly occur at the beach, making water safety at the beach so important.

We should all know how to keep ourselves safe, how to spot hidden dangers and how to help someone in an emergency.

In this video, our friends at Mornington Life Saving Club share simple water safety tips so we can all look out for each other.

Parents actively supervise

Drowning can happen unexpectedly, so it’s essential to understand the steps you can follow to ensure your child’s safety.

1. Supervise

‘Actively Supervising’ means watching your child closely with no distractions. This applies even if your child is an experienced swimmer and even if lifeguards or swim teachers are present. Always keep your eyes on your child.

2. Restrict access

Restrict access to water with secure, properly installed barriers such as a pool fence and gate. Never leave the gate open and don’t rely on these barriers on their own.

3. Water awareness

Teaching your kids about water safety is crucial. Swimming lessons are also a great way to help them understand water safety and practise survival swimming skills.

4. CPR/First aid knowledge

Knowing what to do in an emergency could save a life. Enrolling in a CPR or first aid course (and keeping your skills up to date) is essential for parents.

Discover more safety tips from our pool supervisor at Kingswim Mornington.

The dangers of water

Every year in Australia, we tragically see drowning deaths that remind us how important water safety is. Although this is frightening, there are ways to prevent drowning.

Teaching your child water safety skills is one of the most important things you can do. Your child is never too young to learn.

Our assistant manager Bennjamin at St Kilda tells us all about the dangers of water and provides his top five tips to help keep children safe.

Water safety information for kids infographic - 3 tips with swimming icons next to each.
Water safety information for parents infographic - 3 tips with swimming icons next to each.

Spot the difference activity

Can you spot what’s missing from the picture or what’s changed? There are 8 differences to find, so keep your eyes peeled! This activity is a great way to talk about water safety with your child.

Water safety crossword

Use your water safety knowledge to solve the clues and complete the puzzle! This fun activity is a great way for kids to strengthen their understanding of the water safety rules and build their confidence.

We hope you and your kids enjoy learning Kingsley’s water safety rules. Whilst swimming lessons teach important water safety and survival skills, water safety education should also start at home. Remember, understanding even the most basic of water safety rules can make all the difference and save lives.

To help little ones learn how to be safer around water from a young age, Kingswim also runs a free community water safety program in kindergartens and early learning centres.