Swimming Lesson Essentials

AUG 18 2021

Swimming lessons are one of the most enjoyable activities for children. When you’re preparing them for lessons, there are a few essential items you’ll want to remember.

Bathers, cossies or togs are obviously one of the most important items to bring to swimming lessons, although not all types of bathers are well suited. Loose-fitting bathers like board shorts can slow you down in the water, so for swimming lessons it’s best to opt for swim trunks, swimsuits or speedos which will allow better movement in the water.

Swim nappy
If you have children who are still in nappies, they’ll need to wear a special swim nappy during their lesson. While they can be more expensive than normal nappies, they are worth it, as normal nappies will absorb too much in the water and not be effective, whereas swim nappies are designed to wear in the water and contain any accidents during baby swimming lessons.

Swim Cap
It’s a good idea to use a swim cap during a swimming lesson to keep hair out of your child’s eyes. Depending on the length of your child’s hair, they can also help keep chlorinated water out of their hair, to some degree.

Kingswim recommends children begin their learn to swim journey without goggles. Whilst learning the basics of putting their head under the water, blowing bubbles and floating, they can get comfortable with their eyes being in the water. This will help in case of your child accidently falling in a pool or a river. They will be less likely to panic as they are used to being in the water without goggles. Once they start to develop their strokes, you can introduce goggles to help them focus on their technique.

Young kids are not able to regulate their body temperature as easily as adults, so a big fluffy towel is just what you need when you come out of the swimming pool to stay warm. Hooded towels are also a good option for kids as they are an easy and quick option to wear.

Shower items
It’s good to take a shower after your swimming lesson and wash off the chlorine . o Remember to bring some bodywash and shampoo along with you. .

Wet bag
Once you’ve showered, removed your bathers and dried yourself with a towel, you’ll need to put all these wet items somewhere to take them home. We recommend a swimming bag which is ideal both for taking all your items to the pool, and then bringing home all the wet gear afterwards.

Change of clothes
If you’ve come ready for your lesson and afterwards, realised you didn’t bring spare undies or shorts, you’ll know why it’s important to have a spare change of clothes with you before you leave for swimming lessons. Stay warm and dry on the way home from your lesson with a change of clothes.

Swimming lessons can tire out your little ones, so bring along some healthy snacks so they don’t get too hungry afterwards. Muesli bars, bananas or anything which is low in processed sugar or fats will help your kids replenish their energy levels.

Water bottle
While they’ll be surrounded by water in the pool, swimming can actually make you quite thirsty, so make sure to bring a bottle of water as well.

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