How swimming can build your kid’s self-confidence

NOV 10 2021

A woman holding her baby inside a swimming pool

As a parent, giving your child the resources to develop self-confidence is always a priority. Research has shown that getting your kid into swimming lessons at an early age can be a real asset in developing self-awareness and confidence in and around the water. Getting your child into swimming lessons at any age is not only a great way to have some fun, but can help build independence in the water and confidence in the pool.

Introducing your baby to the pool

Baby swimming lessons will help your little ones’ grow in confidence in the water. When you introduce your new swimmer into an unfamiliar environment like the pool, the goal is to take it at a comfortable and gentle pace. Remember it’s all about having fun and familiarising your tiny tot with the new pool routine.

Our Baby Play classes are relaxed and supportive to help ease you and your little one into the water. We encourage exposing your baby to the water gradually, taking things step by step, so that you both feel happy and content in the water. Together we’ll help your baby feel comfortable getting their face wet and eventually learning to float, kick and paddle. We also focus on playful interaction in the water.

Before you know it, you’ll have a real water baby who just can’t wait to have a splash! These initial positive experiences lay a great foundation for your little one’s learn to swim journey, setting them up to feel confident and at ease in the water from a young age.

Build confidence in the water with toddlers

Swim lessons for toddlers are a great way to build confidence in the pool. To help improve their confidence, it’s important that toddlers can learn to swim in a relaxed and safe atmosphere. At Kingswim, our shallow pools and friendly, qualified instructors can help your toddler feel at ease.

Learning basic swimming skills (like putting their face in the water, kicking with a kickboard and body positioning) also helps to break down some fears about swimming. The more your child learns, the more confident they will become!

Our Foundation Program is specifically designed to give babies and toddlers the best possible introduction to swimming. Because building a safe and fun relationship with pool time is a great way to build confidence in and outside the pool.

Developing competent little swimmers

Swimming lessons for bigger kids are just as important to develop confidence in the water. Through technique progression, familiarisation and water safety knowledge, children can trust in their abilities and have fun learning new skills.

Hitting milestones, mastering new swimming techniques and gaining knowledge of water safety can instill so much confidence and self-pride in your little one. Getting your child swimming lessons creates a competent and courageous swimmer that loves to jump in the pool and have some fun!

Build confidence in swimming lessons

Whatever stage your child might be in their swimming journey, pursuing lessons and expanding their skills in the pool will create happy, confident swimmers! Here at Kingswim, we offer a range of swimming lessons for every child at any skill level.

This includes our:

Whatever swimming lesson program your child joins, our nationally qualified instructors are here to help them develop a love for swimming and build their confidence in the water. We do this by creating a safe and supportive environment and encouraging your child every step of the way. Our instructors will help them understand how to improve, so that they can feel more assured in their abilities as they progress. And of course, we’ll celebrate our swimmers’ achievements to give them the motivation they need to feel happy and confident in the water.

If you’ve been thinking about enrolling your child for swim lessons, get in touch!

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