Why you should embrace winter swimming

JAN 11 2024

It’s winter and it’s cold, dark and wet! We get it. No matter how fun swimming is, it’s hard to get out and into a pair of bathers when the weather is grey and miserable.

But swimming isn’t just for summer. Did you know there are many benefits of swimming in winter too?

Here at Kingswim, we’re proud and passionate advocates for winter swimming. Not only are swimming lessons great fun, but they’re a fantastic way to boost your immunity this winter. After all, physical activity is vital for your kids’ overall health and happiness. No one enjoys being cooped up at home, sick with a cold.

In this blog, we explain why you should embrace swimming lessons in winter. We even provide practical tips on how to make winter swimming a more comfortable experience, whatever the weather!

Why choose swimming lessons in winter?

There are many advantages to enrolling in swimming lessons in winter. Classes are usually less crowded, plus it’s a great way to get kids ready for fun by the pool in summer. This is especially important if your child is new to swimming. Starting lessons in the winter will give them a great head start so that they feel more confident and capable by the time summer comes around.

Even if your child is already enrolled in swimming lessons, it’s important to continue lessons throughout the year. Stopping lessons during the winter months typically results in a decline in confidence, performance, stamina and technique. A break of several weeks (or even less) might mean your child forgets things they’ve learnt and worked hard practising which isn’t good for their self-esteem or motivation.

If your child continues to take part in swimming lessons in winter, they’re far more likely to retain and reinforce their skills. This means they won’t lose their confidence, independence or their ‘feel for the water’. So our advice? Just keep swimming!

Indoor activities for winter: swimming is a top choice

Kids can get restless not being able to run around and stay active because of the cold weather. When cabin fever strikes, why not head to the pool? Swimming can help your kids stay fit and help you maintain those energy levels while being in an indoor environment.

Another reason why swimming is a great indoor activity for winter? When you’re in a heated pool, you can escape the winter chill and keep warm! At Kingswim, we have a constant water temperature of 32 to 33 degrees to keep kids and babies comfortable.

The benefits of swimming in winter don’t stop there. As every parent knows, the challenges of managing screen time often combine with bad weather. As much as you’d like to usher the kids into the backyard with skipping ropes or walk them down to the park to play soccer, often it’s just not possible. That’s where the indoor swimming pool can swoop in to save the day and help get kids away from those pesky screens.

Boosting immunity in winter through swimming

Regular exercise, like swimming, strengthens the immune system. Thanks to higher fitness levels, you and your kids will have more energy and be more resilient to stress and illness. Cold and flu germs are rampant during the winter months, so it’s important to keep healthy and active throughout the year. This will give you and your kids the best chance of avoiding nasty colds or recovering from them quicker.

But doesn’t swimming (and getting wet and cold) cause colds? You’ll be glad to hear that this is actually an old wives’ tale. If you grew up believing that children who have ‘wet hair’ or who ‘go out in the cold’ get sick, you wouldn’t be alone! In actual fact, children who swim throughout winter are less likely to catch a cold because they’re usually healthier, fitter and therefore have a stronger immune system.

So if you’re wondering how to boost your immune system in winter, give swimming a go! It’s a great indoor fitness activity and our pools are heated (as are the vast majority of indoor pools) so you don’t have to worry about freezing water.

Other ways to boost your immunity this winter

Just like exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables can contribute to good health and therefore to a healthy immune system.

Here’s an immune-boosting tip to try when swimming this winter: pack pre-cut fruit and veggie sticks as an after-swimming snack. Kids are usually ravenous after a lesson so are far more likely to eat what’s on offer!

Another way to improve your immune health is to get a good sleep. This is crucial to staying healthy and feeling well as not getting enough can suppress your immune system function. Did you know that physical activity can help you get a better sleep? That’s why it’s important to always find ways to exercise and burn energy.

During the cooler season, when there are fewer opportunities for kids to exercise outdoors, swimming is an ideal activity. Swimming will release feel-good endorphins from the exercise, relax your children’s bodies and guarantee a good night’s rest that will have parents see a fuss-free bedtime routine.

How to prepare for winter swimming lessons

There are plenty of easy ways you can make swimming in winter a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

  • Get ready for your lesson and change into swimwear at home – Organising a fun ‘to-do’ checklist beforehand will help your child get excited for their lesson. You can also get kids excited (and save time in the changing rooms) by helping them into their swimwear at home. This is a handy tip all year round, but makes all the difference in winter.
  • Pack a well-prepared swim bag – As well as packing the essentials like bathers, goggles, an absorbent towel and shower items, it’s a good idea to bring warm clothing to change into afterwards. Loose trousers, comfy jumpers, beanies, scarves, gloves and even pyjamas are great options to make sure your child is cosy and warm on the way home.
  • Try a swim cap or wetsuit – While swim caps and wetsuits won’t keep you completely dry, they can help. They’re also a good way to retain heat while in the water. Our pools are always kept to a warm temperature, however this may help your child feel more comfortable getting into the water.
  • Bring healthy snacks – There’s nothing worse than being cold and hungry after a swim. Healthy snacks can see to those post-swim hunger pangs while helping to boost the immune system, which is just what we need during wintertime.

So there we have it. Winter swimming is a fantastic way to boost your immunity and enjoy some physical activity despite the chilly weather. This is great for your child’s overall health and development. Continuing swimming lessons in winter also helps your child retain important skills so that they’re confident in the water when summer comes along.

Have we convinced you to give winter swimming a try? At Kingswim, we run swimming lessons for children throughout the year. With our heated pools and state-of-the-art facilities, it’s easy to dip your toes into swimming lessons. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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