Combining a mutual love for the water, announcing our new partnership with SEA LIFE!

MAY 19 2022

A group of children looking at a big turtle and fish at SEA LIFE aquarium

In exciting news, we’ve partnered up with our friends at SEA LIFE aquariums to continue inspiring Australian families on the joys of swimming, while also advocating for animal and water safety, whether you’re a penguin or human or scaly fish.

At Kingswim, we love to have fun in the water but safety is always of the utmost importance when you’re in the swimming pool or around it, and the same can be said when visiting the beach and other waterways and being respectful of all the animals that reside there.

When you’re at the beach, always remember to:

  • Swim between the red and yellow flags
  • Make sure you can always see your parents
  • Use a reef-safe sunscreen
  • Don’t touch or remove any animals from their natural habitats like starfish or sea crabs
  • Make sure to take all your rubbish with you and take it home if there isn’t a bin nearby

To help parents and children feel safe and comfortable in the water, every single level in our swimming programs, from baby swimming lesson to competent swimming lessons, integrates water safety lessons throughout, to ensure that your little swimmers are armed with the skills they need if faced with an unexpected emergency in the water. When it comes to safety in the ocean, SEA LIFE shares their knowledge on safety around creatures found in the deep blue, making this partnership our best one yet.

As part of the partnership, all Kingswim families will be offered the opportunity to visit SEA LIFE centres Australia-wide at a discounted rate, making it a great activity on the weekend or during school holidays!

To tell us more about the partnership, we spoke to Carolyn Morris, our Chief Executive, and Ian Wood, Regional Director for Australia & New Zealand at Merlin Entertainments, on behalf of SEA LIFE.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with SEA LIFE and are so excited to be able to provide our students with the ability to learn even more about the ocean and its inhabitants, the important role it plays in our ecosystem and how we can protect it,” Carolyn says.

While we do our very best to remain safe, our beloved sea animals sometimes require assistance to help keep their home clean. With over 26 million tons of plastic pollution ending up in our oceans each year, we need to remember to clean up after ourselves and not leave anything behind.

SEA LIFE’s love for the ocean and its creatures extends far and wide. Beyond beach clean-ups, its global charity, the SEA LIFE Trust, provides vital care for marine animals through its sanctuaries, funds conservation projects and makes a positive difference to marine habitats and wildlife across the world.

“At SEA LIFE we pride ourselves on educating young minds on not just animals themselves, but the habitats they reside in and what we can do to support each creature, no matter how big or small,” Ian says.

“Partnering with Kingswim is such a natural alignment because we both do our best to arm children with the necessary tools to remain safe while discovering their inner adventurer in an interactive environment.”

Some of the great experiences at SEA LIFE include:

  • Expert daily talks, to teach you all about different sea creatures
  • Self-guided tours and workshops
  • Multimedia experiences like Shark Mission and Art Aquarium help you dive deeper into our creatures’ lives
  • Behind the scenes tours at selected aquariums
  • Annual events like Shark Week teach you about marine conservation

Some fun sea animal facts to share with your friends:

  • There are almost 500 species of rays. Like sharks, they have skeletons made of cartilage, not bone. Which means they can glide through the water, flapping their fins like birds.
  • Male seahorses carry and give birth to their young.
  • 450 million years ago, there were no people or dinosaurs, but there were sharks!
  • Sea turtles have shells made up of 60 different bones.
  • Many species of crab can regrow a claw or leg if they lose one in a fight. Yikes!

To celebrate the partnership, current and future Kingswim members are eligible for a 25% off SEA LIFE discount code for all aquariums, Australia-wide. All bookings are Covid-19 restriction dependent, please refer to the website for further details – https://www.visitsealife.com/.

If you haven’t received your discount code, please reach out to your local Kingswim centre.

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