Water Safety Quiz: Safety At The Beach

When the weather gets warmer, there is nothing better than being in and around the water!

As summer comes, this means heading to the beach with family and friends. Swimming and surfing in the waves, or playing in the sand.

But it’s really important to learn how to be safe around the water.

Test your knowledge of how you, your family, or friends can stay safe at the beach with our quiz. Can you get 100%? Click on each question to reveal the answers.

For additional resources on staying safe around water, head to the Life Saving Victoria website.

Starting with ‘S’, what five things can you do to stay safe in the sun?
What are the three steps to follow if you get caught in a rip?
What does PFD stand for?
What is one of the three survival strokes?
What is the difference between a lifesaver and a lifeguard?
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