Preparing for Bub’s First Holiday

DEC 02 2019

A woman in the swimming pool with her baby in her arms.

Every family looks forward to summer holidays, however there is nothing quite as exciting as bub’s first trip.

For many of us, summer holidays mean heading to the beach, pool or going camping to escape the heat and take some well-deserved time off. Which, with a new baby and young children in tow, can seem daunting to parents.

At Kingswim, we want families to be as prepared as they can when holidaying close to the water. So, we’ve developed some pre, during and post-holiday tips to ensure the whole family can relax and enjoy a fantastic first summer holiday with bub!

Before you book

Before booking your beachside getaway or camping spot, there are some things you should check off to make sure it’s the right waterside holiday for your family.

Safety facilities – check what kind of pool, spa or beach facilities are on offer at the accommodation. Including what safety measures are in place, like lifeguards, safety fences and barriers, and available shady areas to protect you and bub from the sun. 

We also recommend becoming more familiar with the different types of safety issues when swimming in open water. Royal Life Saving have some great resources on beach and river safety, including how to spot rips and currents.

Lessons – to make sure bub’s first holiday is enjoyable for everyone, book in some introductory swimming lessons. Foundation lessons such as our Baby Play classes are designed for bubs aged from 12 weeks old and are the perfect way to introduce them to the water in a relaxed and comfortable environment. Getting children familiar with water early means they’re more confident, comfortable and come holiday time, there’ll be no pool side tantrums! 

Don’t forget to suspend your child’s classes while you’re away. This secures your position in class once you return to continue building their swimming ability and confidence.

During your holiday

Comfort and caution –whenever you or someone else is enjoying time in the water with bub, never take your eyes off them. It’s important to be constantly aware of your surroundings in the water, especially in open water like beaches and rivers. Waves can change suddenly and become overwhelming or tiring – even for adults, so it’s best just to wade in the shallows while your bub is young.

Tune in to your bub’s reactions in the water and if something changes or they begin to feel uncomfortable or stressed, take a break together and reassess how they’re feeling before jumping back in.

Pack your beach bag –When heading out for a couple of hours or a day trip, you’ll need to add some summer essentials to your usual baby bag. Hats, sun shirts and rashies, sunglasses, sunscreen, and an umbrella or shelter are all crucial for summer holidays. Additionally, swimming can be tiring, even for adults, so don’t forget to bring plenty of water and food.

Coming home

Bub’s next steps – Unfortunately the holiday is over, but that doesn’t mean you and bub’s time in the water has to stop!

Once back from holidays, let your child’s swimming teacher know how their first holiday went and what they enjoyed most about the water. This will help their teacher understand their swimming ability and how confident they are moving forward.

To ensure your child can continue developing their ability, enjoyment and confidence in the water, book them into the next level of lessons. At Kingswim, we encourage babies aged six months to three years to progress into Parent & Child classes.

By the time your next holiday rolls around, you’ll be able to see and celebrate all the hard work from lessons paying off, have peace of mind, and be well on your way to sharing a lifetime of enjoyment in the water together!

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