Introducing our squad swimming lessons

APR 30 2024

Looking to join a swim squad? Allow us to introduce you to our squad swimming lessons!

Our Swim Squad Program is a step up from our Graduate Program. So, if you’re ready to advance your swimming skills or would like to dip your toes into the world of competitive swimming – this is the ideal program for you.

Keep on reading to learn more about what it’s like to take part in squad swimming lessons. We explain what you’ll learn, the benefits, and how to prepare for squad swimming.

What are squad swimming lessons?

Squad swimming lessons teach survival skillsadvanced swimming technique and race skills (such as starts, turns and finishes) all while building fitness and endurance in the water.

The lessons are aimed at children who are already capable swimmers and want to take their skills and passion for swimming to the next level.

By refining your skills in a squad program, you’ll become an even better swimmer. The lessons will also prepare you for competitive swimming, if this is something that interests you.

Key components of squad lessons

Advanced drills and techniques

Swim squad is the go-to program for honing your swimming skills. During lessons, you’ll get the chance to progress from basic to advanced drills and techniques. You could learn anything from racing dives to tumble turns! These are essential skills in competitive swimming and mastering them will help improve your overall performance in the water.

Building competitive spirit

Squad swimming lessons take place in a friendly and supportive environment, but they also encourage a healthy competitive spirit – which is just what you’ll need if you’re thinking of getting into the sport of swimming.

Squad programs may do this by incorporating racing and competition elements, such as knock-out races, into lessons. If you’ve not taken part in races like this before, they require swimmers to a complete a certain number of races with the slowest swimmers ‘knocked out’ after each race. It’s a great way to challenge yourself and have fun competing with your squad mates!

In other squad lessons, you may work towards progressing your personal best times, so you can compete against yourself and keep on improving.

Transition to higher levels

Squad swimming lessons are all part of the journey to becoming an advanced or competitive swimmer. At Kingswim, you can join our swim squad after completing our graduate program (where you will have already started to develop swimming expertise).

A squad swimming training program will then teach you all the skills you need to transition to higher levels. Lots of swimming clubs have squads for young people and adults (such as junior squads or senior squads), so there’s plenty of opportunity to keep progressing and compete at higher levels. Our swim squad is a fantastic introduction to that world.

The benefits of squad swimming

There are many benefits of joining a swim squad, including:

  • increased confidence
  • enhanced swimming techniques
  • developed social skills
  • improved physical fitness.

But don’t just take our word for it. Lots of professional swimmers got their start in a squad program and are now enjoying the benefits!

Take Moesha Johnson, for example, who will be competing for Australia at the 2024 Paris Olympics. When asked how she got into the sport of swimming, Moesha explained that she “grew up learning to swim and never stopped as I progressed through the squads.” Now she’ll be able to put the skills she learnt to the test at one of the greatest sporting events in the world!

Moesha isn’t the only Olympic swimmer who benefitted from being a part of a swim squad. Nicholas Sloman, who is also on the Australian swim team, says that being part of a swim squad motivates him to improve.

Having recently competed with his swim squad at the Australian Surf Life Saving Championships, Nicholas reflected on how his training mate “pushes me day in and day out in the pool, he’s an incredible competitor, and having that there, pushing you… it’s no better feeling to be against the best in the world.”

It goes to show that being part of a swim squad is an amazing way to continue learning while being part of a supportive team who will spur you on to be the best you can be.

What to expect in a squad lesson

So, we know that it’s awesome to be part of a swim squad (and it could even take you to the Olympics), but what does a typical lesson actually involve?

Squad swimming lessons will vary depending on the squad you join, however they’re all designed to be engaging, challenging and fun.

You might take part in one lesson or multiple lessons per week, with most lessons running for around 45 minutes to one hour. The lessons are usually more structured than learn to swim lessons and may be led by a coach rather than a swim teacher.

During the squad lessons, you’ll work on stroke correction and other techniques. You may also learn more advanced lifesaving skills or take part in friendly races to prepare for competitive swimming.

If it’s your first time in a squad, the focus will likely be on developing your fitness, survival skills and swimming ability in a fun and social environment before introducing you to the sport of swimming.

Preparing for squad swimming

Essential equipment

You don’t need lots of special equipment to take part in squad swimming – just your trusty swimsuit and goggles.

You might also like to wear a swim cap, which makes your body more streamlined and can help you swim faster.

And of course, don’t forget your towel, shower items, change of clothes and water bottle (the usual swimming kit).

Choosing the right swim school

You’ll find swim squads at lots of aquatic centres and swimming clubs, so it’s important to choose the best squad for you. Before you decide, we recommend looking into factors such as:

  • instructor qualifications – what’s their coaching style and expertise?
  • pool facilities – are they modern and well-maintained?
  • the focus of the squad training program – does it align with your swimming ability and personal goals?
  • size of the squad – how many people are on the swimming squad?
  • feedback from other swimmers and parents – is the squad supportive and friendly?

It might also be helpful to meet the squad instructor or coach to find out more about the program. Some swim schools offer free trial lessons so you can get a feel for the squad before committing.

Enrol in squad swimming lessons today!

Ready to dive into the world of squad swimming? Kingswim’s Swim Squad Program is a great way to develop your swimming ability and enjoy the sport of swimming in a friendly and supportive environment. Plus, we have locations across Australia.

To join our squad, simply contact us and we’ll be in touch with more information. Who knows, you could become the next big fish in the water!

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