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Please ensure you have a safe space when engaging with these activities at home. Active adult supervision is advised at all times.

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Staying safe around water

Whether at the beach, in the pool, or even around the house, it is always important to stay safe around water.

While swimming and playing around the water is great fun, there are lots of risks and hazards around if you are not careful.

Above all else, make sure you never swim alone and always have active adult supervision when around the water.

If you know what to look out for, it can help to avoid trouble so you can enjoy the water with friends and family.


Can you find these mystery items?

Get your best detective gear and see if you can solve the clues to find these mystery items! With every clue solved, there will be more and more mystery items waiting to be found. Will you crack the case and find all the answers?

1 Person that can safely supervise you around water

2 Things you take with you when you go to swimming lessons

3 Places around the house where you can find water

4 Things that can protect you from the sun at the beach

5 Pairs of items that are the same colours as the flags you swim between at the beach

6 Potential hazards around water (this can be objects or pictures too)

7 Things around the house that can float

8 Different ways to stay safe around water

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