Summer Is Here! Don’t Forget These Swim Safety Tips Around Pools

JAN 29 2021

Summer is finally here! You know what that means? BBQs, holidays and for some of us, spending time by the pool, playing games and keeping cool. Pools are a fantastic way to keep your kids entertained as you keep cool in a shady spot nearby.


However, swim safety should always be considered! With more time being spent in the pool, it’s  important to remind yourself and your kids of some vital, swimming and water safety tips so that everyone can enjoy the water in a fun, but safe, way!


Backyard swimming pool safety is taken very seriously – with certain laws and regulations in place to ensure everyone is as safe as possible in such environments. In Australia, it’s a requirement by law that residential pools must be enclosed by a fence. While the height and other requirements differ between states, some of the common rules are: the fence should be at least 1200mm high; the gate should be self-closing and open outwards; and the latch should be at least 1500mm above the ground. It doesn’t matter what material the fence is made from (such as metal, wood or glass) provided it and the gate meet these above criteria and it’s not possible for children to climb over the fence.


Even with a fence and gate that meet the legal requirements, the most important water and swim safety rule is that children be actively supervised when they are in or near a swimming pool. This means that the child must be within constant visual contact of an adult when swimming. This is an important water safety rule to teach your child from a young age, let them know that whenever they want to go into the pool they must have an adult with them, you can even turn this into a bit of a game for your children if they promise to help you with the dishes then you can go outside together and play some games in the pool.


Pool toys can bring hours of entertainment and can be fun for the whole family! However what isn’t fun is tripping into the pool in your nice clean clothes. So make sure you (and the kids) are packing away any toys or equipment that may be laying around the pool.


A very important tip (not just for kids but everyone!) is to remember to pop on some sunscreen every time you go outside. Putting on sunscreen around 30 minutes before you head out into the water will ensure it’s soaked into your skin and keep you protected from the sun. If you’re outside of the water don’t forget to cover up those shoulders, in fact setting up some shade is a great addition to any outdoor pool setting.


If you have a pool at home and your children love to make constant use of it, it’s a great idea to do a first aid course and learn CPR. Many organisations around Australia such as the Red Cross and St John Ambulance provide CPR training, which can literally be a lifesaver if anyone gets into trouble in the water. 


One of the best swim safety tips is for your children to learn how to swim. Why not enrol your child in some summer swimming lessons this holiday season? This is an investment that will last them their whole lives, giving them the confidence to be in and around water and the skills to deal with many eventualities, such as what to do if they fall into a pool while wearing clothes. Kingswim has been providing swimming lessons throughout Australia for over 30 years. Ranging from swim lessons for toddlers, to advanced swim classes, we can teach people of any age and competence level. All of our staff are professionally trained, and are experts regarding swim safety. Get in touch with us today to begin your summer swimming lessons, so you can safely enjoy your time in the water.

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