Why Should You Teach Your Child How To Swim?

JUN 13 2018

Living in Australia, where 85% of the population live within 50 km of the coast, it’s essential we teach our kids to swim. Swimming is not only a great form of exercise, it’s also a really important stepping stone to a wide range of water-based activities.

Here are some top reasons why you should consider teaching your children how to swim:

Life Skills

Swimming is one of the essential life skills that will stay with young children forever. You never know when those skills will be needed further down the track. The lessons they receive at a young age can create a passion for swimming and open up further opportunities when they’re older.


Having a good knowledge of water safety can help avoid preventable accidents. Offering your kids swimming lessons at a young age will ensure that they are comfortable around water. Remember, however, that regardless of how good their skills are, it is always important to have someone watching them play in the water at all times.

Ease Fears

Water can often be a fear of children who are yet to have had swimming lessons. The thought of putting their head under the water can be terrifying if not practised in a safe environment. Even the simplest of lessons can ease the intense fear of water and ensure it gets the respect it deserves.

Builds Confidence

Swimming lessons, even at the most basic levels, can instil confidence so undue panic doesn’t set in. As your little one’s swimming skills develop, so does their level of confidence. A child who believes in themselves can do amazing things. Just watch and see!


When it’s too hot to get the kids outside to run around, swimming is an excellent sport for their all-around fitness. And best of all they don’t even know that they are doing it. Whether they are diving to the bottom in search of coins, doing laps with their friends or just general splashing around, swimming is a good sporting option any time of year.


The swimming pool or the beach is a great way for the kids to get together and play. Knowing how to swim means they can attend all the water activities arranged over the holiday periods. It is also a fun way for the kids to make new friends.

Create More Water Options

Once your child knows how to swim, then you can look for different activities to build on their water knowledge. Sports such as kayaking, canoeing, surfing, scuba diving and yachting become accessible options and great activities for the family to do together.

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