What should my baby wear for swimming lessons?

JUL 20 2021

Babies love being in the water, and swimming lessons are one of the best ways for them to have fun, and learn.  Our lessons are also the best way for you to feel confident about how to hold and interact with your little one safely in the water. In order to make the most of the experience, there are just a few key items you need to take with you to the pool.


Swim nappies

If you’ve ever seen the way a normal nappy expands after your baby has done a large wee, you’ll know why they’re not suitable for wearing in the pool. Swim nappies are specially designed to catch accidents and not expand too much from liquid, so it’s always worthwhile ensuring you have one for each swimming lesson. 



It’s a good idea to dress your baby in swimwear that can help to keep the swim nappy in place. When they’re really young they won’t be moving around too much in the water, so you won’t need to worry too much about them being able to easily swim laps! We recommend parents wear a t-shirt in the water as it gives babies something to something to grip and hold on to, which is really important for encouraging independence in the water for babies. 

Our pool temperatures are at a constant 32-33 degrees, a warm and comfortable temperature for babies and young children. You won’t need to worry about a wetsuit or long sleeve bathers to ensure they are comfortable in the water. 


Hooded towel

Bubba can get cold after leaving the water, so always have a hooded towel close by, so you can get the drying process started right away. As babies have trouble regulating their temperature, go for a thick, warm towel and get them changed as soon as possible after you leave the water.


Swim tote bag

We have heaps of swim tote bags available, which are not only great for keeping all your swimming gear together, but they’re also great for after the swim – when you have several pieces of wet clothing to deal with. 


Change of clothes

When bubba is very young, under three years, you’ll need to hop into the pool as well, so make sure you bring a change of clothes for both your baby and yourself. We’ve got you covered with complimentary nappies, wipes and lotion available at our baby change stations.

Many parents try to minimise their changing time at the start of the lesson by wearing swimwear or a bathing suit under their clothes, so they can change quicker and easily get into the pool. 


Now that you and your baby have all the information you need on the key items to bring with you to the pool for swimming lessons, it’s time to take the next step!

Get in contact with us today at Kingswim to find out more and secure a spot at one of our locations in our baby swimming program for your little one!

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