Top Tips from Team Kingswim: Keeping Kids Active in Winter!

JUL 19 2019

As every parent knows, keeping kids active in winter is no mean feat. The challenges of managing screen time – with Playstations, Xboxes, laptops, tablets, smartphones and the TV to contend with – combine with sometimes turbulent weather. 

So, as much as you’d like to usher them into the backyard with skipping ropes or walk them down to the park to play soccer, often it’s just not possible.

But at the same time, activity is vital for your kids’ overall health and happiness. And –  although here in Australia we’re nowhere near the dire straits of public health as in the US – 25% of our 2 to 17 year olds were medically overweight or obese as of 2015.  

Learning how to stay healthy during winter, and finding consistent ways of keeping kids active in winter, will benefit your and your kids’ well-being both short-term and long-term. Not only will all of you have more energy and strong immune systems, your kids will be learning the valuable habit of getting regular exercise – all year round.

You won’t be surprised to learn that, when it comes to winter sports for kids, here at Kingswim we’re proud and passionate advocates for swimming! 

Why? Well we could spend hours (or days) telling dozens of stories about how swimming has changed – or even saved – people’s lives, but for now we’ll keep it to some of the biggest benefits of swimming in winter.     


Benefits of Swimming in Winter: 5 Winners

So without further ado, here are Kingswim’s top 5 benefits of swimming in winter and reasons you should seriously consider it for your kids: 

  1. Swimming rewards essential life skills. Yes, swimming rewards those who are dedicated, committed and have stamina. Those who are willing to slog it out,  especially when that little voice in their head is telling them not to bother with those extra ten lengths. On top of all the physical benefits, swimming will teach your kids these vital life skills of dedication, commitment in the face of pain and adversity, and the stamina to continue when things get tough. 
  2. Swimming offers an incredible all-round workout. The heaps of physical benefits make swimming one of the best options for winter sports for kids. Swimming builds strength, stamina and flexibility: it’s no coincidence elite swimmers are amongst the most well-rounded and fittest athletes out there. 
  3. Teaching your kid swimming will boost their confidence and make them safer. It’s fair to say learning swimming isn’t easy for everyone (or even most people). Becoming a competent or even accomplished swimmer takes a fair bit of time and dedication. But learning to  swim will boost your kid’s confidence, at the same time as giving them a chance to develop their social skills and make like-minded friends. Competence and confidence in the water will also make them safer on holidays and other occasions when they may be swimming or close to the water.
  4. Swimming complements every other sport. Is your little girl child a budding soccer player? Maybe your little lad is has got one eye on the Wallabies? Or maybe you’ve got the next Richie Porte on your hands on your hands. Either way, the physical and mental strengths and skills developed through swimming will help them in their chosen sport. Strength, stamina and flexibility, as well as dedication and determination, will give them a serious boost in any other sports they pursue. Even better, swimming is a safe sport: it puts very little pressure on the body’s joints, and swimmers don’t suffer from impact injuries like soccer or rugby players often do.
  5. Your kid won’t get a cold from swimming. You might be thinking about how to stay healthy during winter, but worried that your kid will get a cold from going swimming in a freezing pool. Fortunately, this is a common misconception about swimming. Our swimming pools are heated (as are the vast majority of indoor pools), so your child won’t get a cold from swimming. In fact – as the pools are indoors and the temperatures regulated – it’s one of the best options there is for winter sports for kids.


At Kingswim we’re expert swim coaches. With lessons from smiley, knowledgeable and super-experienced teachers – and classes for kids of all ages and abilities – it’s no wonder we’ve taught over 14 million swimming lessons!

If you’re looking for a fun, productive and character-building way how to stay healthy during winter, drop us a line for a chat about swimming lessons for you and your kids!

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