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Shayna Jack shares her tips for swimming during the winter months

JUL 13 2018

Shayna wearing a backpack

We sat down with Kingswim Ambassador Shayna Jack to talk about swimming during winter and she shared her experiences about training and more during the winter months. Keep reading to find out more about Shayna’s tips and tricks.

Have you ever been sick after leaving a training session with wet hair in winter?

Never! And I’ve swum through winter for the past 15 years so I don’t believe having wet hair is the cause of getting sick in winter, I’m living proof!

How often do you get sick?

Luckily not very often. I keep myself fit and healthy by swimming regularly and eating plenty of vegetables and proteins, which has helped me build a strong immune system.

Does your training routine change in winter?

Not at all, I don’t think my coach would be very happy if it did!

Why not?

Consistency is the key to be the best swimmer I can be. Plus, nothing about swimming really changes in winter, the pool is always heated so the only challenge is getting out of bed when it’s cold.

Did your parents or friends ever tell you you’d get sick from swimming in winter?

Yes, my mum still thinks that wet hair can cause sickness in the winter!

Do you have a favourite thing about swimming in winter?

Knowing you have a warm shower and hot meal ready after a training session is even more rewarding in winter and I love being able to rug up in cosy clothes post-training.

What would you say to kids or parents who have or want to stop lessons this winter?

Stopping lessons in winter can make it much harder for kids to go back to lessons in summer. After having an extended period of time off, their body struggles to adapt back into the training routine. It’s always best if you can try to stay in the water over winter, even if it’s just one or two fewer sessions.

What’s your top suggestion for making swimming in winter easier?

Have a goal. Once you have a goal you know why you’re getting up each morning or going to the pool each afternoon instead of playing video games. For kids, this might be more of an incentive offered by parents, e.g. learning to swim = more beach or pool days in summer.

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