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JUN 04 2019

Swimming lessons really are a family affair and we love hearing stories of dedicated Kingswim families – like little Oliver and his dad Cody.

At just seven years old, Oliver has already completed an impressive five years of swimming lessons! Go Ollie!

Great habits start early and consistency is key to children’s development, so we’re thrilled Oliver and his family have made such an impressive commitment to learning to swim and water safety. 

Dad Cody says he had regular swimming lessons as a child and has always believed swimming is one of the most vital life skills.

“We enrolled Oliver at Kingswim when he was two years old because we knew the importance of learning to swim at an early age and the other skills and benefits it provides,” Cody says.

“In addition to water safety and learning an essential skill, swimming is great character-building by teaching confidence, discipline and boosting social skills, all of which we’ve seen Oliver develop. I would whole-heartedly recommend every parent enrol their kids in lessons early.”

With their family living by the beach, Cody wanted to ensure he passed on this healthy habit and lifesaving skill to his son.

At Kingswim we know children see parents as their everyday role models so cannot celebrate Cody enough for keeping up lessons for five years and counting!

Cody says he’s seen dramatic growth in Oliver’s confidence both in and out of the pool and is urging all parents to start swimming young.

“For parents, I’d recommend choosing a school with the right culture. Swimming lessons are an ongoing commitment so it’s crucial to find somewhere that’s a great fit and where the whole family feels comfortable,” he says.

“Luckily, the Kingswim team are so welcoming and friendly and have been the perfect fit for us. If we accidentally leave Oliver’s goggles at home, I know they will have a spare. Plus, I love that we get a lot of feedback during Oliver’s lessons, so we always know how he’s progressing!”

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