Winter A Good Time To Dip Your Toes

JUL 15 2022

Parenting and Early Childhood Magazine (ACM - Wimmera Mail Times)

With winter fast approaching, leading swim school Kingswim is highlighting the importance of why swimming lessons should be a top priority, even when it’s cold outside.

For many children, finding availability with swim centres during summer has been tough due to long wait lists and density caps.

Kingswim area manager, Anne Brown, says that after potentially missing out on summer lessons, the cooler months provide a great opportunity for parents to take advantage of quieter lesson enrollment periods.

“While swimming lessons should be a priority all year round, families who are yet to re-enroll or enroll for the first time, should use this opportunity to get a head start on preparing for the busy summer ahead, with some wait lists as long as two months prior to Christmas.”

“Quite often kids don’t want to play outdoors sports in the cooler months and it can be a struggle thinking of indoor activities to keep them occupied that don’t involve a screen, however swimming is the perfect way for children to keep fit while still remaining warm,”

So, if you’ve got access to a heated pool, it’s time to think about dipping your toes in for some swimming lessons.

Once you’re in the pool it’s easy to stay there all lesson, but the hardest part of winter swimming for our students tends to be the journey from the car to the centre so Anne has prepared some helpful tips to make the process as easy for the family as possible.

Before arriving at your swimming lesson

To make sure your child is ready and prepared for their swim lesson, changing them into their bathers at home can make this a smoother process and help get them excited for their upcoming lesson.

Don’t forget to prepare a swim bag ahead of time, with a spare change of clothes, towel, swimming gear and extra layers will ensure your children will beat the winter chill and guarantee nothing is forgotten at home.

For any kids with hair that can be hard to tame, a swimming cap will keep their hair dry and tangle free.

After your swimming lesson

If your lesson is in the evening, shower and change your children into their pjs at your local pool to save changing again once you get home, which means more time to spend together ahead of dinner or bedtime.

For any kids that get peckish after their lesson, some pre-prepared snacks like cut up veggies or fruit, will keep them satisfied until you make it home.

Swimming will release feel-good endorphins from the exercise, relax your children’s bodies and guarantee a good night’s rest that will have parents see a fuss-free bedtime routine.

Often kids can be reluctant to get into the water when it’s so cold out, but once they’re in and learning important life skills like water safety, confidence, coordination and improving on their fitness and social skills, they’ll be thanking you in the long run.

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