From Tots to Pensioners, It’s Never too Late to learn Swimming

DEC 16 2019

From swimming for pensioners to swim lessons for toddlers – we have it all! Here at Kingswim we’re big believers that the joys, benefits and happiness of swimming should be open to everyone. No matter your age, physique, background or whatever, you should be able to have the chance to swim regularly and get all the advantages it offers. We believe swimming should be truly inclusive and accessible to all.

As part of this, not only do we focus on baby swimming and toddlers swimming lessons, but at Kingswim we also offer adult swimming lessons on top of our huge range of kids swimming lessons. And don’t let your experience and competence – or lack thereof – hold you back, our adult swimming lessons cater for all abilities, whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned swimmer.

Getting your baby swimming early is a great idea and our foundation program is for 12 week olds and up. If your youngsters are a little older, our toddlers swimming lessons or kids swimming lessons will be just the ticket for them. 

And whatever your age or your kid’s age, the benefits of swimming are vast. Here are just three of the multitude of advantages your family will gain from regular sessions in the pool:

  • Swimming builds discipline, determination and perseverance

Swimming requires mountains of discipline! Not only do swimmers have to learn, perfect and maintain different strokes, they have to develop heaps of  determination and perseverance to complete long distances in the pool, often pushing through the pain barrier. Whether it’s for you or your youngsters, these traits will help you progress through life swimmingly (sorry, we couldn’t resist!). So if you’re just getting your tiny baby swimming, or maybe thinking about signing yourself up for some adult swimming lessons, these are great reasons to take the plunge!

  • Regular swimming will make you stronger and fitter fast

Yes, swimming is a superb whole-body workout that will make you stronger, fitter, and more flexible. It is great for cardiovascular fitness and building both muscles and stamina. As an added bonus, swimming is one of the safest sports around as it does not put undue pressure on your joints and it carries almost no risk of impact injuries. Even better, every single one of our swimming coaches is nationally qualified, so you can book your youngsters onto our toddlers swimming lessons or kids swimming lessons fully confident they will be 100% safe. They won’t be coming home with black and blue, just happy and hungry!

  • Socialising and meeting like-minded folks

Whether it’s lessons, big workout in the pool or casual lengths, you can meet friendly, like-minded folks in the pool. Your kid’s swimming buddies can often become pals for life and – especially if they’re a little on the quieter side – we’ve found youngsters often make friends more easily when they have a shared activity in common. At Kingswim, as well as teaching swimming, we’re also in the game of building confidence. This can come from the achievement of becoming better swimmers and athletes, overcoming a fear, making friends, or all three! 

So, if you, your kids, or even the whole family are looking to learn or sharpen up your swimming, we’d love to be your teachers. And we’re sure you’ll see all these benefits and many more after getting some regular pool sessions under your belt. So why wait? Drop team Kingswim a line today and book in for some of the most fun-filled and effective swimming lessons around!

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