Debunked: Four Common Myths Around Swimming

NOV 18 2019

There are several common myths floating around the sport of swimming (excuse the pun) that may have put you off or made you rethink your ambition to learn to swim. Unfortunately many of these myths are widely believed and have probably led to lots of people never getting in the pool.

Today we’re going to have a quick look at four of the most common myths about swimming and swimming lessons, so hopefully if any of them have been preventing you from fulfilling your dream to learn to swim they won’t any longer. Let’s get cracking!

Myth One: You must wait an hour after eating before getting in the pool

This one seems to have had its origins in the idea that the energy needed to digest your meal would mean that blood was diverted away from your arms and legs. This diversion to your digestive system would, according to the myth, lead your arms and legs to cramp putting you in severe difficulties in the water, or even causing drowning in the worst case scenarios. 

Thankfully a number of international studies have thoroughly debunked this myth, and comprehensively shown that it is 100% safe to go swimming after a meal. So, if you were thinking you wouldn’t be able to get a post-lunch swim into your hour break because of the waiting time, you no longer have to worry – you can dive straight in the pool after your sandwich.

Myth Two: Swimming is not a good workout 

A surprising number of folks still believe swimming is not a good workout, but this is a myth and absolutely should not put you off if you would otherwise want to learn to swim. Just one glance at an Olympic swimming podium will tell you how fit swimming can make you, and elite swimmers can more than hold their own against runners and cyclists. The truth is that swimming is what you make it, if you’re looking for a gentle workout on a par with a brisk walk, you can opt for half an hour of breast stroke at a very leisurely pace. At the other end of the scale, if you need a serious all body workout, you can mix your strokes, push yourself hard and long, and get out the pool absolutely exhausted!

Myth Three: Swimming will not help you lose weight

This one is in all likelihood related to myth two, that swimming is not a good workout. Because if it’s not a good workout it won’t help you lose weight, right? Well, we can definitively tell you now that swimming can be an incredible workout, and regularly swimming can be a great catalyst and aid to losing weight. In fact, at Kingswim we’ve had many adults come to our swimming lessons so they could learn to swim in order to lose weight. And guess what? Many of them succeeded! 

Why? Well, swimming has a lot of weight-loss potential that can be harnessed. While, slow strokes in the pool will burn around calories at a slightly slower rate than jogging – 255 versus 295 per 30 minutes for a 154 pound person – you can easily increase this figure with more demanding strokes or swim intervals to build up your burn rate. If you’re looking to lose weight, why not learn to swim with Kingswim? Then you can combine swimming lessons and burning those calories in the pool with a healthy and sustainable diet for extra impact!

Myth Four: Wet hair will make you get a cold

Finally, a myth that has certainly done the rounds, but has never been proven – despite a lot of research and studies on the idea – that going out with wet hair will make you get a cold. There is no scientific evidence to support this, and it is exposure to virus causing germs rather than wet hair that will lead to you getting a cold. So if you’ve been holding off booking those swimming lessons for you or your little one, as you’re worried about picking up colds after leaving the pool, you needn’t worry any longer. 

Whatever your age, physique or background, it’s never too late or difficult to learn to swim. And if any of these myths have been putting you off taking the plunge, you can mark them down in the untrue column. Swimming can and should be enjoyed by everyone from tiny babies and full of beans toddlers to pensioners and the less physically able. Here at Kingswim we have taught over 17 million swimming lessons, and we hope you or your little ones can be our next students! Get in touch to find out more.

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