Benefits of Swimming Programs to Help Exhilarate Kids’ Swimming Skills!

JAN 14 2022

Learning to swim is a major milestone for kids, and the way they begin can have a strong impact on how they feel about being in the water for the rest of their lives. If your child has the opportunity to learn in an atmosphere full of fun and encouragement, the chances they will grow to love being in the water are high, and they’ll be more likely to want to continue swimming as a fitness activity.

While your child can begin developing their swimming skills with your guidance, it’s more enriching to take swimming lessons in a group setting. Structured swimming lessons in groups are fun, give kids opportunities to meet new friends, and take the focus off them as an individual, so they can relax and enjoy learning.

Participating in a school holiday swimming program is an ideal way to get your kids started in the pool. These intensive swimming lessons during school holidays are done in groups, over a short number of days, and give kids a solid grounding in water skills.

For those kids who are already comfortable in the water, intensive swimming lessons during school holidays are still of benefit, as they provide the opportunity to further develop their skills in a structured setting and gain extra confidence between term classes. Also, as they take place over a condensed time period, these programs fit in well around family holiday plans.

Why group swimming lessons work so well

Peer support and encouragement

Swimming lessons in a group setting give your kids the opportunity to practise new skills with kids of a similar skill level.

If your child has any nerves in the pool, group classes are ideal, as they reduce the focus on any one child. With the attention of instructors shared around the group, kids can relax, knowing they aren’t the only ones learning, and that other kids might be struggling with certain skills too. (It also gives them a bit of a breather when the instructor is working with someone else. Breaks are important too!)

Kids also get to see their peers reach milestones in the pool. This helps them realise anything’s possible, and encourages them to try out new things themselves. (Do you remember how scary it seemed to jump into the pool the first time you did it, but when you saw other kids do it, and enjoy it, you got the nerve and did it yourself?)

We notice too that kids really thrive when other kids support them in learning or correcting a new swim technique, and this skills sharing doesn’t happen when it’s just your child learning one-on-one with a swim teacher.


Healthy competition

Whilst attending a school holiday swimming program isn’t about competing with each other, there is opportunity to experience a light sprinkling of competition through games. While none of it’s serious, having some competition in a setting where nothing is at stake, is a great way to give kids the experience of competitive games.


Friends and fun

Swimming lessons are meant to be fun, and learning in a group contains way more scope for fun than one-on-one with a tutor or with parents (sorry parents). Kids in general love to interact with other kids, and swimming lessons in a group give them the chance to spend a bit more time with other kids, bond over learning, and hopefully make some friends.


Kingswim’s school holiday swimming program

For all of the above reasons, we’re excited to offer our Fast Track Program these school holidays. Over four consecutive days, your child can experience a blast of swimming training.


Why the Fast Track program?

We find it’s really helpful for our young students to learn and practise new swimming skills on consecutive days, rather than waiting a week between classes. During the week off, they may forget a new skill they learned, or lose the nerve they built up the week prior. Swimming day after day gives them the opportunity to build on skills they learned the day before, and drill down on technique so they don’t forget it.

It also gives them a sense of excitement, as the Fast Track program is a little more of an ‘event’, than classes over the term, and they can look forward to it as the program approaches.

Classes over the course of a term are still great! In fact, they allow skills to drop in and build slowly, with little time pressure, so we do encourage regular ongoing classes. The Fast Track program is just another option, with its own extra benefits.


What happens on the Fast Track school holiday swimming program?

Basically, the skills we cover over a school term are taught in an intensive form instead. This can be exclusive of, or in addition to, term classes. Fast Track classes run between 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your child’s skill level.

On Day 1, your child receives a very warm welcome to Kingswim and the Fast Track program. We identify your little one’s swim skills and match them to the most suitable program level, (those already in a Kingswim program go into their current level). Instructors will spend the session helping the children focus on the core skills needed to complete their current K-level, whatever that may be.

Day 2 gives you the opportunity to learn the milestones for your child’s K-level, so you can understand what they’re learning and how you can support them. Skills are worked on and improved, and milestones reinforced. Here is where we give kids the ongoing encouragement we know they need to work through sticking points and technique gaps. Our support helps them gain that extra confidence in the pool.

Day 3 is dedicated to practising skills, so your child can work towards the next level. Supervisors are on hand, giving close attention to each child, providing feedback to parents, and introducing what’s in the next level. This is a great way to work towards a whole new set of skills, and to help prepare children further for their regular lessons. (In saying that, reaching the next level involves absolutely no pressure whatsoever! Whilst we do include assessments, fun and learning new skills are the main points of focus of the Fast Track program, and if your child is not ready to move up a level, there’s no issue.)

For Day 4 of Fast Track, water safety, survival and rescue skills are explored. Your child will receive a solid grounding on how to be safe around water, and at the end, will be chuffed to receive their Fast Track program certificate!


So, if you like the idea of your child doing some intensive swimming lessons, school holidays are the perfect time to fit them in. Not only will your little one have a lot of fun and meet new friends, they will also feel a great sense of achievement which will further boost their interest in swimming, and hopefully set them up for a lifetime of enjoyment in the pool.

To book a place in our Fast Track intensive swimming lessons these school holidays, simply call your nearest Kingswim, enquire or live chat with us on this website.


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