Adam Dovile shares his #DadHacks for battling the winter chill

JUL 02 2019

Winter may be the perfect excuse for the whole family to stay indoors and avoid the chilly weather. However, father of two and Kingswim ambassador Adam Dovile reminds us it’s just as important to stay active in winter as it is in summer. 

That’s why Adam is sharing his ultimate winter #DadHacks to help shake off the cabin fever and keep your kids active and excited for their swimming lessons all year round – rain, hail or shine! 

Come prepared – pack a bag the night before with all you need for your kids’ swimming lessons. Don’t forget a spare change of warm clothes, towel and swimming gear. This should ensure you don’t forget anything and reduces the pre-swim rush, meaning more quality time to spend with the kids before their swim. 

Rug up and layer down – bring the kids already in their bathers, rugged up in a dressing gown. This will allow for a fuss-free start to their swimming lessons. For added warmth, layer kids with scarves, gloves and beanies. If your lesson is in the evening, shower and change the kids straight into their PJs to save changing again at home.

Don’t forget the brolly – bring along an umbrella to keep your trip from the car to the pool dry and protected from the weather. If you forget, there are always spares at Kingswim.

Post-swim snacks – bring light snacks for the kids to munch on after their lesson. I suggest a small sandwich or cut up fruit or veggies. These are great on-the-go snacks that will keep kids going until dinner time. The girls particularly love their after-swim strawberries! 

For more warmth – on extra chilly days, warm up by bringing hand warmers or a warm water bottle. This will keep kids’ hands from feeling cold and may help reduce their urge to stay indoors.

Stay hydrated – cold weather can mean dry lips, cheeks or skin. To prevent skin irritations or itchy rashes pack a small tube of cold-pressed coconut oil to moisturise and hydrate affected areas. 

Sort out the locks – with two girls, I’ve mastered the quick pony and plait. However, swimming is even easier with swim caps to keep hair dry and tangle free. If the kids aren’t cap fans, tie their hair back to keep it out of the way during lessons and remember, wet hair does not cause colds!

Keep Mum and Dad happy – there’s one sure-fire way to keep the adults happy on a cold winter day – coffee! I never leave home without a full thermos. 

Don’t be scared to ask for help – staff are there to help. If you forget something, Kingswim will have it! Spare nappies, towels, hair ties, you name it!

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