Adam Dovile says winter is the best time to swim!

MAY 30 2019

As the temperature begins to drop and the urge to stay indoors rises, father of two and Kingswim ambassador Adam Dovile is encouraging families to keep active despite the winter chill.

Adam says that being a hands-on dad is what’s most important to him and during winter, the opportunity to spend active, fun time with his girls can be limited.

“As a family we typically spend a lot of time outside and time with the kids is largely outdoor activities like gardening and building, which can get pretty restricted in this weather,” Adam says.

However, Adam has quickly found the solution and now, taking his two daughters to their weekly swimming lessons has become the highlight of his week.

“I’ve found the girls’ swimming lessons are the perfect chance to keep up our time together. Particularly at this young age, being able to get in the water and take part with them is a lot of fun.”

Kingswim has also noticed how much dads love swimming lessons, with the majority of young swimmers being joined in the water by Dad rather than Mum.

Adam says: “In addition to being regular, quality time for me and the girls, swimming is a great way to keep fit and active during winter, get off devices and cure cabin fever!

“I love seeing the girls (and myself) so engaged in something that’s not only a lot of fun, but also teaching them a valuable and potentially lifesaving skill.”

We at Kingswim love seeing our families embracing winter swimming lessons, especially dads! While taking part in the lessons is the perfect opportunity for bonding and quality time for both parents, we see dads in particular jump at the chance to have that crucial skin to skin contact with bub that mum may already be getting at home.

To help keep up quality, active, family time this winter we’re offering 50% of second weekly lessons per child. Plus, with the pool temperature never dropping below 32 degrees, it’s always a nice day for a swim at Kingswim!

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